Our dedication to mastering the craft, paired with a unique vision & sensibility, shape all that we do.
"We thoroughly enjoyed performing Virgil's Wedding. The audience absolutely loved it. 
I would recommend it to anyone wanting easy sets, a large cast and a play that keeps the 
audience laughing."

Maura K. Robinson - Drama Director - Walt Clark Middle School

Eddie McPherson's ‘Christmas Leaves Cricket County' is Big Hit!


"We performed "Beowulf On a Budget" ... and loved it.  I am going to present it again with my 
Theatre A classes this fall.  I truly enjoyed producing this show; it was an awesome script for a large group.  
My students brought music and put together most of the props and costumes themselves!!!!"

                                                    Shar Heatherley, Middle School Theatre Teacher Garland TX

“Eddie McPherson’s play Divine Stella Devine was a tremendous success for us.  
Another hit show.  Funny, funny, funny.”

                                          J-Hawk Players, New York

“Eddie McPherson’s Virgil plays are hilarious!”

                                           Star Theatre, Russell Springs, KY

"This is one of the few scripts I have read (over the past 11 years) that made me laugh out loud!  
Give the author my regards!"  Referring to Eddie's play The Last Resort.

Kelly Aaen, Ouachita Christian School 

"WOW! This is an amazing play(Virgil‘s Wedding-One Act). Our one-act cast won our regional competition
with this hilarious play that is laugh out loud funny all the way through. The judges actually stopped taking 
notes about half way through and just sat and watched and laughed. I recommend this play only if you wish 
to have a fun time." 

Chris Eason - Actor - Atkinson County High School


Through experience and vision, Eddie Mcpherson delivers striking results. 
Largon a delightful farce! 

Grand Marais High School