Writing a Will Can Be Murder 

Cast:  Flexible cast of 21 (7M, 7F, plus 7 roles that can be either), optional doubling
Set/Time:  Interior living room set / About 85 minutes
With fast paced dialogue and three sets of twins (each pair cleverly written to be played by the same actor), this murder mystery farce is full of fun and intrigue!  


The Quest:  A Fairy Tale with Attitude

Cast:  Flexible cast of 19 (3M, 8F, plus 8 roles that can be either)
Set/Time:  Simple interior and exterior sets / About 50 minutes
What do you get when the teacher at the exclusive Fantasy Academy challenges her fairy tale character students to embark on a quest to cure Grandma?  You get a lesson in helping others, plenty of silliness and sight-gags, and lots of fun for all!Type your paragraph here.

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Legend of Sammy’s Swamp 

Cast:  10M, 14F, extras, optional doubling
Set/Time:  Interior hotel lobby set / About 90 minutes
Ms. Flagg and her students show up for a stay at Sammy’s Swamp, a former resort.  Little do they know that they are about to stumble upon a string of mysteries, including a swamp ghost. Type your paragraph here.

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Divine Stella Devine 

Cast:  5M, 10F, plus 2 roles that can be either, optional extras
Set/Time:  Interior theater set / About 90 minutes
Stella Devine is the aging star of the popular Ritz Theatre.  She is preparing for an epic play written by the theatre’s playwright...  who hasn’t written in 20 years.

McQuadle:  A Dragon’s Tale 

Cast:  Flexible cast of 15-23 (4M, 9F, plus 10 roles that can be either), optional doubling
Set/Time:  Simple interior and exterior sets / About 40 minutes
You’ll find tons of silliness packed in this charming comedy that has a little something for everyone and even a nice moral. 

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Wizard of Oz:  The Deleted Scene  

Cast:  Flexible cast of 15-26
Set/Time:  Simple exterior sets / About 55 minutes
Ever think what would have happened if Dorothy didn’t immediately follow the celebrated yellow brick road?  This clever parody is fun for all ages!  

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The Entire American Revolution (in 40 Minutes or Less!) 

Cast:  Flexible cast of 21 to 48 or more
Set/Time:  Bare stage / 35 minutes
History has never been so fun...  or so fast!  The historical meets the hysterical in this super flexible and easy to stage one act delight! 

Beowulf on a Budget 
Cast:  22, mixed
Set/Time:  30 minutes
A stage-action comedy farce.