Dereck Dillinger and the Crystal Ball


When 13-year-old Dereck DIllinger is swept away into a mystical world after his little sister, Jessie, mysteriously disappears at the carnival, he is faced with many challenges in his quest to rescue her.   He interacts with familiar story book and nursery ryhme characters  and has to figure out the right answer  to a riddle in order to evoke  the magic of the crystal ball that is the key to finding  their way home. Betrayed at every turn by those who claim to be  his friends how can he ever hope to succeed?

Murder, May I

(Two-Act Play) 

Eric Jones Smith is thirty-four and still lives with his controlling mother Geneva.  Eric has fallen in love with a girl named Lucy who isn’t quite the sharpest tack in the drawer.  Geneva doesn’t approve of his new love interest and decides she’ll do something about it.  She’ll murder her. (Insert typical thunder crash here.)

Now Available

(One-Act Play) The posh and well-to-do Robinson family is on a ship excursion (without their nanny) when they shipwreck on a deserted island. The mother is at her wit’s end about having to do actual parenting (without their nanny) and feels sorry for herself when she realizes her acting career might take a nosedive in her absence. The father of the clan is also at a loss (without their nanny) and spends all his time speaking with a British accent and playing golf down on the beach. So, the kids find themselves on their own (without their nanny) and begin to devise a survival plan.

Lost and Found

The Parable of the Lost Coin

SCRIPTURE:  Luke 15:8-10
(10 Minute Play)

A woman misplaces a coin, but it’s not “just a coin.” She finds it just in time for a coin collector to pay her a large sum, which will pay for her sick mother’s huge medical bills.